The DermaPrep ™

The DermaPrep ™

A new paradigm - for controlled, hygienic, mechanical cleaning and debridement of skin

DermaPrep ™ represents a new paradigm - for controlled, hygienic, mechanical cleaning and debridement of skin. When compared to all currently available alternatives, using the DermaPrep clinically improves the debridement and cleaning of patients as well as being both easier and more cost efficient.

The DermaPrep ™ :
DermaPrep ™ combines a dual purpose treatment sponge - for a soft and gentle cleaning/cleansing and/or rough abrasion with a liquid control feature that enables cleaning of the body without wetting the surrounds.

The dual features of the DermaPrep ™ are:

  • A disinfected bi-layer (soft and abrasive) sponge
  • An imbedded irrigation system enabling control of the cleaning fluids


  • The soft foam side is used for a gentle cleaning
  • The abrasive side is used for a thorough cleaning of foreign materials and debridement of burns
  • Flow control of cleaning fluid
  • Continuous aseptic cleaning and debridement
  • Reduced volume of cleaning fluid (a single liter can suffice to clean an entire body)
  • More economic use of cleaning fluid to clean the skin surface
  • No wetting of the surrounding bed sheets
  • Ergonomic handling of the sponge

DermaPrep ™ is being used in the most demanding clinical environments such as; Emergency Room, Burn Units and Operating Rooms, First aid /field level departments and specialized units.

  1. Acute patients: Trauma cases (All types of burns, road, work & home related accidents)
  2. Daily hygienic care of bed ridden and handicapped patients

The Need for Pre-Treatment of Injured or Soiled Skin
Before the initiation of any topical treatment the skin needs to be cleaned of any foreign material (such as gravel, dirt, oils or paint) and debrided of any dead tissue remains.


The DermaPrep ™
The debridement of thick and adherent eschar needs chemical or surgical procedures. However, small fragments of necrotic or dissolved tissues (such as blisters or enzymatically digested tissue) only needs a - brusque mechanical scraping for an adequate removal.

The Conventional/Standard debridement practice
The commonly accepted medical practice for cleaning soiled skin or mechanical debridement requires saline bags/bottles, packs of gauzes, large bowel (usually stainless steel), soap, assorted medicaments. The usual procedure involves aseptically adding one or two 1000 cc of saline bags/bottles plus 3-6 packs of gauzes into a very large stainless steel bowl. Soap or any other medicament may be added. The wetted gauze is used for debridement by rubbing and cleaning the affected areas.

Medical Disadvantages of conventional debridement and cleaning practice:

  1. Inadequate removal of adherent particles and debris - gauze is usually too soft and smooth for this procedure
  2. Difficult handling - the wet gauze is too small and uncomfortable to handle
  3. Currently available alternatives (sponges and foams) unsatisfactory for debridement - although these do have either abrasive or gentle cleansing surfaces in practice function only as washing sponges
  4. Contamination of the debridement and washing fluid - caused by the repeated compression / squeezing of the gauze or sponge in order to release the fluid into the container bowl
  5. Insufficient volume of liquid in a pre-wetted sponge/wet wipes for the entire procedure - does not contain enough liquids for a thorough washing

Other disadvantages of conventional procedure

  1. The cleansing wet wipes-serviettes cannot substitute for the DermaPrep™ in efficacy and cost
  2. Frequent changing of sheets – necessitated by the uncontrolled quantities of fluids that spill and wet the surrounding sheets during conventional debridement and cleaning practice

DermaPrep Procedure for use:

The DermaPrep ™
Following removal of the sterile packaging the DermaPrep™ is connected by an infusion set or similar regulated connecting tubing to a cleansing liquid container (bag or bottle of sterile saline or water). After opening and regulating the flow valve the sponge is used to clean/debride the affected tissues providing the desired quantity of fluids. Soaps and/or medicaments may be added to the cleaning liquids. The fluid filled sponge is squeezed empty into an adjacent basin after each use and then refilled with new, clean and sterile cleansing liquid from the bag/bottle.

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